Our Services


Our Cleaning process

We offer Dri Carpet Cleaning as well as truck-mounted steam cleaning.

We harness the power of oxygen - Dri (H2O2) / Steam (H2O).
We use only cleaning products that are bio-degradable and environmentally safe.

Before we begin

We ask that small items such as plants, baskets, small tables, and other basic decorative items be picked up and placed in areas not being cleaned.

Also, we ask that your pets be confined.

in the home

We will first inspect all areas to be cleaned and lock in your price guarantee.

All carpets are pre-conditioned, paying special attention to traffic areas and spots and spills.

Basic furniture is moved in 1 living area and 1 dining area, at your request. (this would include chairs, coffee table, sofa etc.. ) Large items such as entertainment systems, televisions, stereo's, desks, a china hutch, or book shelves are left in place and cleaned around.
Bedroom furniture is left in place and cleaned around.

Additional furniture moving is $10-$20 per area

when we are done

Dri Cleaned carpet will be dry in 1-2 hours!

Carpets that are steam cleaned will be damp when we are finished (not wet). Drying time varies widely depending upon air circulation in the home.
Please turn on all available fans, including the fan on the cooling system.

Areas with a lot of air moving will dry in 3-6 hours, while areas with very little air flow could take up to 10-12 hours to dry.

If possible, it is best to limit foot traffic on recently cleaned carpet to allow for some drying time.

All carpet cleaning is backed by our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Thank You For Choosing

Ultra Clean Carpet Cleaning!